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For nearly three decades, DONNA CLARK LOVE has provided a wide range of services to equip organizations such as schools, organizations and companies to better identify, prevent and stop bullying. Whether you are looking for a dynamic workshop presenter, an inspiring keynote speaker, or an industry expert training, you have found your person! Please select an area of interest from the menu or continue to scroll down for more information.


Donna on Houston Public Radio’s Houston Matters

We are excited to announce that an interview with Donna Clark Love will be featured in a segment on Houston Matters at 12:45pm & 7:45pm today. Tune in to Houston Public Media News 88.7!

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CHANNEL 11 KHOU-TV: “If ONLY PARENTS KNEW…” Weeklong TV Series on Cyber Bullying

In February 2017, I consulted with and provided the most current research and candid interviews for Channel 11 KHOU-TV’s investigative Reporter Jeremy Rogalski for a weeklong series entitled, “If ONLY PARENTS KNEW…. This series featured an honest, heartbreaking and powerful look into how kids are engaging in cyber bullying behavior, what it is and how it …

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What an amazing experience to have the opportunity to again deliver a keynote and a workshop to a very large audience at the 26th Annual Texas School Social Workers Conference. The theme was “Transforming Generations”. School Social Workers have many challenges, including dealing with the rampant venues for cyber bullying. What does one do when …



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Donna Clark-Love

Donna Clark Love is an internationally recognized expert, trainer and motivational speaker in the areas of Bully Prevention, Family Systems, and Student Assistance Programs. Some of her credits include developing and facilitating substance abuse and violence prevention programs for fifty-three schools in a large metropolitan school district in Houston, Texas. She is a Licensed Chemically Dependent Counselor, a certified trainer for Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” & a certified mediator/conflict resolution trainer. PEOPLE Magazine interviewed Donna for a “Bullying Prevention” article and featured her in the March 2005 issue as an expert in this field.



Donna Clark Love is an internationally recognized expert, keynote speaker, and trainer in the areas of Bully Prevention & Student Assistance Programs. Renowned for her sense of humor, passion, and captivating presentations, Donna delivers cutting-edge insights & practical take-home strategies for Pre K-12 educators, parents, & students.

Donna has worked with thousands of schools & has been featured on the NBC Today Show & the NBC Evening News to highlight successful prevention/intervention programs. She has also been featured in People Magazine and interviewed by Forbes Magazine.

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We hear and talk about bullying in schools, but more often than not- we keep silent about bullying in the workplace. Not only does bullying in the workplace cause stress related illnesses, high turnover, absenteeism and poor customer service, but bullying in the workplace costs money. The Workplace Institute (WBI) concurs that workplace bullying “costs $180 million in lost time and productivity.” 

“I only wish others would have spoken up on any of the numerous times I was publicly humiliated by the bully on my management team.”

Donna Clark Love, Bullying Expert and Trainer, can provide workshops, in-house consultations, coaching, and courses on workplace bullying. She is ready to discuss research-based turn-key systems any company or organization can use to assess, address, and stop workplace bullying.

After learning the facts and current stats about workplace bullying, all training participants will discover why it is imperative for workers and organizations to be trained on workplace bullying. The number one reason is at least 1 out of 6 people have reported being bullied at work. Did you know that 67% of those being bullied have the intention of leaving their job and 37% plan to stay in their job, but do as little as they can just to get by?

Donna Clark Love will utilize her years of experience, dynamic presenting techniques, research, and current information to help you find out ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’ when addressing workplace bullying.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King Jr.

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Donna Clark Love is a highly sought out keynote speaker and workshop presenter for numerous conferences, conventions, seminars, institutes and retreats. Donna, battle-tested, has worked in the trenches helping to transform educational settings, as well as the sometimes hostile global marketplace. After 30 years in the field, and thousands of engagements, Donna has become an innovative expert speaker/trainer and consultant. Donna captivates her audiences by integrating brain-based strategies in her presentations to create powerful, dynamic, spirited, humorous, and interactive sessions. She is a bold visionary who possesses remarkable insight that always seems to place her lightyears ahead of the curve. After first learning your school or company’s objectives and needs, Donna can create a custom-tailored speech, workshop or training program just for you!

In October 2003, she was a keynote presenter for the National Department of Education Conference in Washington, DC.  She recently was the keynote speaker for the National Student Assistance Program Conference, the Texas Social Workers Conference, and the Texas and the National Homeless Education Conference. Donna also presented the keynote presentation on Girl Bullying/Relational Aggression to the Georgia State Educators – Counselors Summit. For the last ten years, she has been a featured presenter for the Tri-County Institute in Centralia, Illinois that serves educators, students and the families of Clinton, Jefferson, Marion and Washington Counties– home to 45 public school districts and thirteen private schools. For the last five years, Donna has been asked to present at the CFISD Rigor, Relevance and Relationships (RRR) Administrative and Teacher Conferences that serves approximately 1,300 administrators and 1,200 teachers from 90 Texas school districts.

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