Donna Clark Love is a highly sought out keynote speaker and workshop presenter for numerous conferences, conventions, seminars, institutes and retreats. Donna, battle-tested, has worked in the trenches helping to transform educational settings, as well as the sometimes hostile global marketplace. After 30 years in the field, and thousands of engagements, Donna has become an innovative expert speaker/trainer and consultant. Donna captivates her audiences by integrating brain-based strategies in her presentations to create powerful, dynamic, spirited, humorous, and interactive sessions. She is a bold visionary who possesses remarkable insight that always seems to place her lightyears ahead of the curve. After first learning your school or company’s objectives and needs, Donna can create a custom-tailored speech, workshop or training program just for you!

In October 2003, she was a keynote presenter for the National Department of Education Conference in Washington, DC.  She recently was the keynote speaker for the National Student Assistance Program Conference, the Texas Social Workers Conference, and the Texas and the National Homeless Education Conference. Donna also presented the keynote presentation on Girl Bullying/Relational Aggression to the Georgia State Educators – Counselors Summit. For the last ten years, she has been a featured presenter for the Tri-County Institute in Centralia, Illinois that serves educators, students and the families of Clinton, Jefferson, Marion and Washington Counties– home to 45 public school districts and thirteen private schools. For the last five years, Donna has been asked to present at the CFISD Rigor, Relevance and Relationships (RRR) Administrative and Teacher Conferences that serves approximately 1,300 administrators and 1,200 teachers from 90 Texas school districts.

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Some of her other keynote/workshop presentations include:
  • Key Trainer for Belize to assist the teachers in providing Prevention Services for K-12 Schools
  • Selected as a member of a USA Training Team to present multiple workshops at the Substance Abuse/ Violence
  • Prevention Conference for the New Zealand Dept. of Education
    Keynote Speaker for the National Peer Helper Conference at MIT in Boston
  • Keynote Speaker for the Texas Student Leadership Conference
  • Keynote Speaker for the Office of Juvenile Justice, “Raves and Club Drugs”
  • Bully Prevention Trainer for the Illinois’ Administrators’ Academy
  • Developed and presented district-wide “Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century” for educators
  • Keynote Speaker & Workshop Presenter for The Association of Speakers/Trainers Corporate Seminar
  • Keynote Speaker for the Secondary State Marketing Convention on Current Marketing Trends
  • Workshop Trainer for Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • Workshop Presenter at the National Elementary School Principals’ Conference
  • Conducted, developed, and served as a Key Trainer for (14) three-day Student Assistance Program (SAP) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Support Group Trainings no period
  • Presented “The Power of Personal Wellness” workshops for multiple school districts
  • Selected as a Presenter for the Comprehensive School Reform Conference, sponsored by University of Texas
  • Selected as the State Trainer for the SW Innovative Alcohol Abuse Education Program
  • Bully Prevention Presenter for the U. S. Department of Education’s “Improving America’s Schools” Conference.
  • Workshop Presenter for multiple IAL Accelerated Learning Conferences for Corporations
  • Workshop Trainer for multiple school districts on Burn-out/Stress Management
Some of her most popular keynote presentations and workshop titles are as follows:
  • ‘Wigged Out’; ‘Burned Out’; ‘Worn Down’: How to Fire-up, Re-Fuel, Re-Energize & Renew your Professional and Personal Lives
  • Proven Interventions & Consequences that actually WORK for Bullies, Meanies, Teasers, as well as for Bystanders & Victims
  • “Too Sexy…Too Soon”- MEAN GIRLS & the Climates They Thrive In
  • How to Create a Bully Free Workplace: Creating Respect, Civility & Accountability
  • “Dealing with Prickly People” – How to End Emotional-Tug-A-Wars!
  • Yak:What’s up w/ YikYak? -What to do when Cyber Bullying Spills into School & the Workplace
  • “I’m Just Fine!!” –-Stress Management Skills and the Practice of “Mindfulness” for Anyone who Works in a Demanding/High-Stress Environment
  • Boundary Setting, Verbal Self-Defense/Verbal JUDO for Every Employee
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EI) — How to Integrate Feelings & Thoughts to Manage Ourselves, our Behavior & our Work Relationships to Sustain Performance and Wellbeing
  • Team-Building: How to Build a Breed of Breakthrough Teams to Increase Productivity, Test-Scores and a Harmonious Group of Colleagues
  • Champions of Change: Training Mentors utilizing the Servant Leadership Model